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Kiteboard Café is a virtual space for us to share our passion for the kiteboarding lifestyle that we live in Pensacola, Florida. There’s nothing better than flying across the water with the wind on your face and the warm sun on your back while leaving the worries and cares of the world behind you.

For us, the kiteboarding lifestyle means eating good food, staying in shape, and enjoying the sunset at the end of every session. We hope to belong to a community that shares that same vision with us.

Have you seen someone kiteboarding at the beach and just knew that you had to try it? If you want to get out on the water too, ask us and we'll tell you how to get started!

Enjoy the ride,
Travis and Meagan

Contact us about Pensacola kiteboarding lessons, general information about riding in the area, or gear: kiteboardcafe@gmail.com


Areas to Kite for a Beginner

Anonymous's picture
Hey guys. I'm new to the area and have been trying to find an good area to kite as a beginner. I was looking into Big Sabine and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are. I definitely prefer somewhere shallow, being a beginner. Are there any wind directions where Sabine is not ideal?

Where to kite today 4/15/12?

Anonymous's picture
It's blowing about 15 at the beach, SSE, wondering where the best place to practice in the bay is today - Big Sabine? Where does everyone who's not going in the gulf sail in this wind direction? Thx -

Nice to meet you!

Mark Weiler's picture
Meagan/Travis/Philip/Neil/Neil's Wife, Very nice to meet all of you and thanks for the warm welcome. Despite not getting out on the water, the drive out to the beach paid off. Looking forward to kiting with you next time. BRING ON THE WIND!

You too Mark! Saw you out the

Meagan Glover's picture
You too Mark! Saw you out the other day when I was teaching my friend Sandra and you were riding your flysurfer in Big Sabine Bay. That was one big kite! See you on the water soon. =)

Good to meet yall today.

TNTKiteboarder's picture
What's goin on Travis and Meagan It was great meeting you guys today. Sure wish the wind would have stuck to the forcast, but I guess ya gatta work with ya ya got. I put up my 06 Naish 16m after yall left but with the current and only about 10-11kts of wind it was hopless. It picked up about 45mins later for about 30mins to i'd say around 13kts so I was able to get back on the water with my 09 Royal Solo 13m and 132 FLX Underground. I'v loved that board for a long time i'v been on probably 30 different boards over the years of riding and it's my favorite, i'd call it the perfect board. Well I was able to have a little fun the waves made for some nice kickers. I'll have to introduce yall to my fiance Jill next time i'm gonna teach her soon but were getting married in 3 weeks Memorial Wknd and will be gone for a few weeks. Well it's always great to meet more kiters. God Bless Tyler

Nice to meet you too!

Meagan Glover's picture
Tyler, Hey! It was nice to meet you too =) Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! That's awesome! We'll be looking forward to meeting Jill. Glad to hear that you got some riding time. We went out after work and got a HUGE surprise. It was blowing about 10mph S when we arrived and it just kept gradually picking up until it was blowing over 20mph S. Ha! We do love our sunset sessions. We love our Underground boards too but we are still figuring out the best size and combinations for our kites. Travis is loving the 135 FLX right now. We'll send you invites to the Facebook Group (Pensacola Kiteboarding) and Twitter (Pensacolakiters). Travis and Meagan