"Ramses is number one!"

We always get a late start on Saturdays. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to make it out before noon.

Halloween was no exception, as we arrived just when everyone else was bringing their kites down. We got to hang out with Sara and Atte one more time before they took off on their way to Vancouver. Atte was sure to chide us about wearing drysuits in Florida, although he did give me props for my drop-zipper. Mitch was decked out in his Halloween garb for the occasion and swears he is going to wear his mask all winter, “because it’s warm.” Not long after everyone left, the chilly, grey skies cleared and the winds picked up for a nice afternoon session at Big Sabine. Travis played with his Airush Generator and I worked on my skills with the Chop Top. This strapless thing is starting to grow on me! What a great Halloween!



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