"We've got our battle faces on."

The mood of these photos is rather somber. They were taken over a stormy weekend right after the news started reporting that we would see the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster in a matter of days.

Clean-up crews were doing a pre-clean of the beach and booms were set up in our best flat water riding spot to protect the marshes. There were lots of people just driving down the beach road to get a last look before the sandy white beaches turned to black. Hannah’s family came out for a picnic day just to enjoy the beach and to see what this kiteboarding thing is all about.

A local photographer took some awesome photos of the Kiteboard Café crew with our battle faces on. They are included in the Picasa album above.

Travis’s mood was lightened because he got a new toy….errrr….I mean, tool. That’s right, we finally got the Go Pro Hero HD camera! He’s in the process of trying out lots of different angles and mounting options. You can see in the photos that Travis used the basic head-strap for the Go Pro’s maiden voyage. We can’t wait to start making some videos with it!

Two weeks later and we still haven’t seen the oil in Pensacola. We hope we never will. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the people who have been seriously affected and hope that the situation will be brought under control and cleaned up soon. The beach is our second home and it would break our hearts to see it ruined. We’ve been trying to get in as many sessions as possible in the last couple of weeks, but the wind hasn’t been cooperating. Here’s to hoping for some killer sunset sessions in the near future!