The End of 2010

I can’t believe another year of kiteboarding has flown by.

We’re just as stoked about it as we were in the beginning, but things have changed a little in the last several years. The biggest thing is that we finally feel like we have the right gear to ride in all conditions. It’s a nice feeling. We have also reached a point where we have preferences about kiteboarding that we didn’t have before. We prefer warmer southerly days over gusty and cold northerly days, waves over flat water, directionals over twin tips, short lines over long lines, and waist harnesses over seat harnesses.

In this photo gallery are some of my favorite photos of 2010. While looking back through the year’s photos, I realized that I would like to kick it up a notch for 2011. I’m not going for quantity but quality. I’m also going for capturing memories. When I say memories, I mean the things that we tell stories about when we are sitting on the beach waiting on wind. Granted, I can’t capture everything. I have to make time to ride and enjoy the moment. But, I would like to make sure I don’t let moments pass me by when I just feel too lazy to get out my camera.

We’re excited about 2011! The days are only getting longer now! We’re looking forward to warmer weather, sunset sessions, waves, good times with friends, and of course new and improved kiteboarding gear. Here’s to another great year of wind!