Another Perspective

A highway runs along the entirety of the island where we ride. I couldn’t tell you how many motorists slow down or stop just to take a photograph of us kiteboarding.

I know I’ll never see even a fraction of those photos. However, I have stumbled across several photos of the Kiteboard Café crew while reading local blogs. And, a fair number of generous photographers have shared their captures with us for the website over the last couple of years.

I’ve never been involved with a sport that has warranted such admiration and intrigue or created so many photo ops. After you have been kiteboarding for enough time, the mechanics are no longer a mystery. It becomes just something that you do. But, when complete strangers are walking down to the beach to get a photo with their cell phone, I have to remember just how impressive kiteboarding is for spectators. It’s nice to take a step back now and then and see it from another perspective.


photo credit - Scott Blyth