Out of the Fog

After about a month of sketchy wind, we seem to be out of the fog! We’ve had almost a solid week of wind and we’re lovin’ it.

Too bad I don’t have many photos, but I’ve been busy riding and teaching. The local crew enjoyed countless downwinders in the surf which has been kickin’ for the last 3 days.

Travis always loves to see the “Dangerous Surf, Stay out of the Gulf!” sign when we drive onto Pensacola Beach. And the surf was certainly big and mean yesterday. It was totally game on. I was reminded time and again to “be humble, or be humbled” as I ramped up vertical walls of water and got taken out by more than one. Probably the most dangerous thing out there was the chop. Pieces of chop would try their best to trip you up coming down the face of a wave and if you weren’t ready for it, then you ate it big time. Travis can tell you, he had a gnarly wipeout which ended up in his harness being ripped off of his body and a long swim in. Luckily, I was on the beach at the time and rescued the kite from flying away. On the way through the impact zone, Travis and the kite took a multiple wave beating and came out perfect on the other side.