Summer Squalls

It’s that time of year again when our sessions are sometimes cut short by afternoon squalls.

Although it’s a bummer to get out of the water, I usually score some of my best photos when storms roll through. This time, I stayed on the water too long to get the dramatic shots of the approaching black cloud hanging low over the sunlit sand dunes. We all stayed on the water just a little bit too long. It’s hard to get off when you’ve just arrived and been riding for a mere 20 minutes. We were all hoping that the squall would just skirt around. But as it got closer and blacker, it became all too obvious that play time was over.

Just as Jeff deflated the last kite, the first gust of north wind blasted us with sand. Travis was already at the van with the beach cart, Stephanie was grabbing her last belongings on the beach, and I was just topping the sand dune with a directional under each arm. The wind hit so hard that it snatched the unrolled portion of kite over Jeff’s head and popped him a good one. As the wind hit me and my boards, it completely knocked me off of my feet. As I sat holding on to the boards, I looked over my shoulder to see a small twister of sand on the beach pelting Stephanie. If any kites would have been inflated, they would have been blown out to sea in an instant. As I finished helping Travis load everything into the van, we looked down the beach to see a tiny twister touch town as lightning was striking all around. After getting ears, noses, and scalps full of sand, we waited in the van to see if it would blow over. The wind kept rocking the van, as the rain and hail started falling. Unfortunately, the squall was really more of a front that lasted longer than we’d hoped, but we did enjoy another amazing show from Mother Nature.

Note: The photos do not do this storm justice.