A Few New Faces

Our kiteboarding scene has recently wished farewell to a couple of riders, but also welcomed a number of new riders.

Martina took lessons with us this spring. She picked everything up so quickly that she was riding toeside during her first lesson on the board. I had to tell her to take it easy. Martina has only been riding for 2 months now and she is completely self-sufficient. We’ve had lots of fun hanging out with her. If you happen to see her on the beach, get her to tell you some of her kiteboarding stories. She already has a bunch of good ones.

AJ is a kiteboarder as of this week. He’s a cool dude from Oregon who has been flying foil kites for ages, but decided to give kiteboarding a shot. I think he’s already hooked. Although he has to leave for work on extended trips, I think we’ll be seeing lots of him on his off time.

We met Benny as a beginner this spring, but unfortunately he’s already leaving for Brazil next month. He made several long drives from Mississippi just to enjoy Pensacola’s beaches and kiteboarding scene. Good luck back in Brazil Benny!

We’ll be looking forward to some great sessions and fun times with everyone!