Tropical Storm Lee

From Tropical Storm Lee

T.S. Lee, thanks for the wind and waves.

August 31, 2011-September 5, 2011
Photos by Hannah Geci and Meagan Glover

Day 1: 12-17mph, fun waves

Day 2: Nice easterly 15mph wind in the morning that turned into 30mph for a short period and then light and fluky in the afternoon from the south. Gulf turned mean.

Day 3: Everyone had a great time with 20-25mph in Big Sabine and on Gulfside downwinders.

Day 4: Too crazy and rainy to ride. Some attempted, but it was a little nuts.

Day 5: Lots of riders got out in the mid-morning but the wind was crazy strong, gusts 40+. In the afternoon, things leveled out to 30-35+. Lots of small kites out, but had to keep stopping for the bands that would blow through.

Day 6: Most of the day we had Tropical Storm Force winds blowing 40-50mph. Then the wind started to ease and switch directions from South to West to Northwest. At the end of the day, it was blowing 25-35+mph.