A New Season

From A New Season

New weather, new kiteboarders, and new gear…It feels like a new season.

Winter is fast approaching as we are soaking in the last warm days on the water. We are steaming in our 5/3 Mystic and Prolimit steamers. The forecast for the winter isn’t as bleak as the past two which set some record lows. Avoiding the use of drysuits is our goal for winter 2012.

We’ve met lots of new kiteboarders in the past month which is always fun. There are a couple of guys and gals who are new to town and several new to the sport. We hope they all make themselves at home in the local kiteboarding community.

The 2012 Airush Lithiums and Ones are just as awesome as we expected them to be. Along with cool new color schemes, they have the power and fast-turning that we rely on in those light-wind wave sessions. We can’t wait to try out some more 2012 gear!