On the Local Scene-November 2011

From On the Local Scene-November 2011

November was a great month for kiteboarding. There were lots of down winders and some epic wave sessions.

And, we have all been enjoying warm days into the 70’s! We feel that we deserve a mild winter after the last two that were long and harsh. (Speaking from the Florida panhandle standards for cold…)

A special thanks to Mindi Meeks for contributing some great kiteboarding photos to our November album! I only picked a few of my favorites. You can see the rest of Mindi's photos HERE.

November has been fun, but it’s time to break out the drysuits and hope that the neck seals haven’t melted over the summer!


Nice pics

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Photo #40: perhaps one of my favorite action shots so far! Hannah

I wish I could say thank you,

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I wish I could say thank you, but that photo belongs to Mindi Meeks. She's got some great motion blur going on there.